Current Members

From left to right: Tingting, Aurora, Mary, Prof. Schmidt, Eric, Xinyi


Room: Chem 8305d
schmidt [at]

Eric Hermes
Graduate Student
Member since 2011
Room: Chem 8355
ehermes [at]

Mary Van Vleet
Graduate Student
Member Since 2012
Room 8353
mvanvleet [at]

Tingting Weng
Graduate Student
Member Since 2014
Room 8355
tweng3 [at]

Aurora Janes
Graduate Student
Member Since 2015
Room 8355
ajanes2 [at]

Xinyi Li
Graduate Student
Member Since 2015
Room 8353
xli646 [at]


Tesia Janicki
Graduate Student
Member Since 2016
Room 8353
tjanicki [at]

Tao Wu
Visiting Scholar
Member Since 2016
Room 8355
twu244 [at]


Theoretical Chemistry Institute Feb 2016

Shain Tower Feb 2015

Theoretical Chemistry Institute, February 2015

UW Botany Gardens, June 2014

Kuang's Defense, August 2013

State Street, June 2013

Theoretical Chemistry Institute, February 2013

Hirschfelder Banquet, October 2012

Theoretical Chemistry Institute, Fall 2011 



Former Graduate Students

Benjamin Dunnington (Ph.D. 2016)
Chapel Hill, NC
Email: bdunnington10 [@]
Jesse McDaniel (Ph.D. 2014)
Assistant Professor
Georgia Tech
Atlanta, GA
Email: jmcdaniel [at]
Cerner Coporation
Kansas City, MO
Email: jchristianson [at]
DE Shaw Research
New York, NY
Email: windwhisper.yu [at]


Former Postdoctoral Fellows

Glen Jenness (2011-2013)
Engineering Research and Development Center (ERDC)
Vicksburg, MS
Email: glenjenness [at]
Chenyang Zhang (2015-2016)
Assistant Professor
Central South Unversity of China
Changsha, Hunan province, China
Email: zhangchenyang [at]